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The Art of Ganesha

Ganesh was molded from clay by his mother Parvati who literally breathed her son to life with her love. In Mumbai, India there is a beautiful tradition of sculpting Ganesh “Murti’s” or statues from clay, painting and decorating them, and then carrying them to the ocean so that can dissolve back into Spirit. Here’s a collection of photos takes by my dear friend Surendar Kyshatriya. EnjoyImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Ganesha remover of obstacles, is the son of Shiva, and is known for gaurding the gate to the great temple. Whenever we experience an obstacle if we are wise we will recognize that it is Ganesh in disguise, and He is appearing because we are close to Shiva. In order to gain access to the Self (ie boundless bliss and unbroken peace) we must literally chop off the limited aspects of our own mind in order to see and be in the presence of that which is shinning in everything. Photos by Surendar


Temple Facade

The Temples of India are often ornately decorated with myriad forms of divine beings, demonic figures, angelic animals etc.. The intricate carvings remind us that the Great Light takes every form, that which orchestrates the cosmos is present in every square inch. In the ancient world there existed an underlying ethos that everything is part and parcel of the whole, the totality of the universe is hidden in every form. Gazing upward toward the brightly colored hand painted temple surface I am reminded that everything is the skin of the Divine. Photos by Surendar Kshatriya


Ganesh Festival

Every year in Mumbai, a grand festival is held to celebrate the remover of obstacles. Beautiful statues made of clay are ornately decorated infused with devotion and marched through the streets of old Bombay. The apex of the festival is when the statues are brought to the ocean where they are dissolved back into their Source. Photos by Surendar Kyshatriya